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Adieu and where to find me

So since I am actually, amazingly, still getting some comments on this blog (sorry for not answering them, honestly) I think I ought to explain why it hasn’t been updated and where exactly to find me.

I created this blog when I started getting into social justice activism although I already had an LJ/DW account, in order to try to separate out my SJ identity from my fannish one. It didn’t work very well; I had real problems posting anything on this blog, some of my friends on LJ and DW said they were interested in my SJ posts and the separation was doing my head in. Finally when the disability Feministing boycott happened in October 2009; loads of the people involved in that and the foundation of FWD were active on Dreamwidth so I kept not being able to figure out what account to comment under, feeling as if I was deceiving people because I was using two names and then finally went “damn it, I give up, I’ll just post everything on Dreamwidth from now on.” Thus, the death of this blog.

So, hi, if you stumble across this blog and go “only four posts! the last one one and a half years ago! why hasn’t this person written more?!” (hey, I can dream) – hi, my name is Kaz and you can find me at my Dreamwidth journal.


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Because there have to be different words you can use

This is something that has grown out of my contemplating (again) writing an asexuality 101 post for Feministing (three months after the fact but trust me you do not want to see what my first attempts looked like), and thinking about how I would definitely, definitely add a section on the end a la “what I would like you, the reader, to do” (because 101 is basically providing a free education and I’ll be damned if I can’t ask for at least some minor changes in return), and wondering what I would put into it-

And the very first thing that comes to my mind is this:

Stop using the word “asexual” as a negative.

Part of me cringes at phrasing it this boldly, tells me that I should understand), that things like talking about the way disabled women or older women or fat women or the like are constructed as “asexual” are part of mainstream feminist thought and have been since before our movement existed (although *we* still existed, isolated and alone and feeling broken and inventing our own words for ourselves because no one would give us any-) and, you know, who am I to come along and point at this body of work and go “actually, I find this offensive?”

Another part of me goes – but, well, it is offensive. And it hurts.

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